How to start building your power team


Building Your Property Power Team

What is your power team?

Your power team typically includes solicitors, tradesmen, mortgage brokers, accountants and more. They are the people you rely on to get deals, refurbs or acquisitions over the line. Having a reliable power team in place is vital to making sure your business process runs smoothly. Having a strategically developed power team in place gives you a great advantage to making sure you receive the correct advice and direction when called upon. It’s also very important that your team understands how you run your business. Having the right person do the right job can save you thousands in both time and money.


Where to find your power team

Finding your power team takes time, particularly when you are just starting out. Here are some great places to start building your power team:

Networking Events

·         BNI

·         Fore-business

·         4Networking

·         Linked In Local

·         PPN

·         PIN

·         PEAL

·         Check Eventbrit and search your local area for any up and coming events

Golf clubs

·         Golf clubs tend to attract working professionals and business owners that will most definitely refer people in your direction

Phoning specialists directly

·         Calling businesses directly and arranging meetings can be a great starting point. If you don’t feel you’re confident meeting people face to face yet. Email them directly

Asking for referrals from friends and family

·         There’s no doubt that your friends and family can refer specialists or contacts you are looking for

Google searches

·         As obvious as it sounds, searching google for what you are looking for can provide you with a good starting point

Facebook groups

·         Posting a service request on groups can spring up great referrals. However, make sure you do your full due diligence on that person

Linked In

·         Posting exactly what trade you are looking for on Linked In, will often arise referrals or direct contact to that specialist

Building your power team can take time, so remain patient. A lot of it will be spent developing relationships, and trust with the individuals or firms. Make sure you instruct the right person for the job and confirm they are credible and have the correct experience.